Jiangnan Anchor Chain Affection for Disaster Area

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Jiangnan Anchor Chain Affection for Disaster Area


On April 14, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Yushu, Qinghai, causing serious casualties and property losses. All employees of Wuhan Jiangnan Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. were shocked and heartbroken when they learned of the bad news. The company's labor union quickly organized and carried out disaster relief donation activities, actively mobilized, and appealed to employees to carry forward the traditional virtues of mutual assistance and extend a helping hand to the people in the disaster areas.

On the afternoon of April 16, the company’s party branch and labor union first initiated a proposal and posted disaster-affected materials with pictures and texts in the corporate culture publicity column, which mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees for disaster relief. In the first line of production, the red banner and donation box of "Wuhan Jiangnan Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. Shows Love to the People in the Disaster Area" affects the love of all employees of the company, 10 yuan...50 yuan...100 yuan, many employees spend their pockets The money was poured into the donation box without hesitation to help the people in the disaster-stricken areas overcome the earthquake disaster with practical actions. Comrade Liu Guobin, the company's life-saving hero and the winner of the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Wuhan, also donated the 3,000 yuan of Wuhan City's donation to the compatriots in the disaster area. Fist and love are surging up and down the company. We hope to pass this power to the hearts of the people in the disaster-stricken areas, let us meditate on peace for the deceased, pray for the safety of the wounded, and tide over the difficulties hand in hand with the firm belief of great unity and great action!

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