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Manufacturer of Anchors&Chains, Certified by CCS, BV, KR, DNVGL, RS.

The main products of Wuhan Jiangnan Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. include anchor chains, buoy chains, marine anchors, and other deck equipment.


Wuhan Jiangnan anchor chain Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuhan Jiangnan anchor chain factory) is a joint venture of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, with assets of 150 million yuan, 18 engineers, 60 middle and senior technical design and management personnel, more than 150 technicians and technical workers with more than 20 years of production experience. It is specialized in the production of marine anchor chain, buoy anchor chain and outfitting products Installation and service of modern new enterprises. In order to meet the market development and needs, our company also has a Foundry Branch, specializing in supporting all kinds of marine anchors and anchor chain accessories.


Can You Explain What A Stud Link Anchor Chain Is And Its Primary Uses?
May 22, 2024

### Understanding Stud Link Anchor Chains: Design and Applications A stud link anchor chain is a specific type of chain characterized by the presence of a cross-piece, known as a "stud," that spans the inside length of each chain link. This design feature distinguishes it from other types of chains

Stud Link Anchor Chain Galvanized.png
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What Are The Different Sizes And Load Capacities Available for Kenter Shackles?
May 17, 2024

### Exploring the Range: Sizes and Load Capacities of Kenter ShacklesKenter Shackles, an essential component in various industries, serve as robust connectors in rigging and marine applications. Understanding their different sizes and load capacities is crucial for selecting the right shackle for sp

How To Maintain Anchoring Equipment And Extend Its Lifespan?
May 14, 2024

Title: Maximizing Longevity: A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Anchoring Equipment**Introduction:**Anchoring equipment plays a vital role in securing structures, machinery, and equipment in various industries. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, proper maintenance practices are essential

How Do Stud Link Anchor Chains Differ From Other Types of Anchor Chains?
May 08, 2024

IntroductionAnchor chains are vital components of marine vessels, providing the necessary weight and strength to secure the vessel in place. Among the various types of anchor chains available, stud link anchor chains stand out for their specific design and characteristics. In this comprehensive expl

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