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Management idea

Honesty, quality and scientific development.

Jiangnan dream

Self improvement and strive to surpass. Based on the market with excellent quality, repay customers with perfect service, and repay employees and society with better performance.

Jiangnan vision

Pursue a leap and become a global manufacturer of ship supporting products.

Jiangnan core value

People oriented, controlling the enterprise with virtue, and taking innovation as the power source to achieve harmony and win-win in Jiangnan.

Jiangnan culture

We insist on taking the road of knowledge with persistent struggle;
We strive to make our own contribution to China's shipbuilding industry;
We hope: use our knowledge to meet your needs.

Enterprise purpose

Pursue a leap and become a global manufacturer of ship supporting products.


Wuhan Jiangnan anchor chain Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuhan Jiangnan anchor chain factory) is a joint venture of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, with assets of 150 million yuan, 18 engineers, 60 middle and senior technical design and management personnel, more than 150 technicians and technical workers with more than 20 years of production experience. It is specialized in the production of marine anchor chain, buoy anchor chain and outfitting products Installation and service of modern new enterprises. In order to meet the market development and needs, our company also has a Foundry Branch, specializing in supporting all kinds of marine anchors and anchor chain accessories.


What Is The Composition of Anchor Chain And How Should It Be Marked?
December 06, 2023

What is the composition of anchor chain and how should it be marked?Anchor chain is the component of an anchor that connects it to a ship or structure, anchor rod (or anchor cable). It is made up of several chain links that form a closed loop. Each ring is joined to the ring next to it, resulting in

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How Do You Use A Marine Anchor Properly?
December 06, 2023

How Do You Use a Marine Anchor Properly?To fully utilize the emergency role of anchor equipment in the safe operation of ships, when the ship is sailing in complex waters, particularly when entering and leaving ports, anchorages, waterways, berthing and unberthing navigation operations, in order to

A Brief Article Let You Know Anchor Chain Well
December 06, 2023

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestThe Anchor Chain is a steel chain that attaches the hull to the anchor. The anchor chain's primary functions are to connect the anchor to the ship and to deliver the anchor's holding force to the hull. The anchor chain thrown out when anchoring has a specified weight,

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Anchor Chains
December 06, 2023

6 Things to Think About When Choosing Anchor ChainsAnchor chains are critical components of any boat or ship. They are in charge of keeping the vessel in place when it is anchored. The strength and longevity of an anchor chain are crucial for ensuring the safety of a boat and preventing accidents on

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