The story of Jiangnan Anchor Chain’s registered trademark “Xichang”

Wuhan Jiangnan Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. applied to register the "Xichang" brand trademark on November 28, 1987, and it was renewed on April 19, 2018.
"Xichang" is more than just a brand name, it is a symbol of excellence, durability and reliability. This name comes from the ancient Chinese tradition of naming companies, aiming to give the company auspicious and far-reaching meanings. "Xichang" carries the promise of prosperous expansion to the west, representing the company's ambition to expand its horizons, just like the vast ocean it serves.
The journey of Jiangnan Anchor Chain begins with a vision - to create the highest quality anchor chain for the shipping industry. Over the years, the company has honed its skills, embraced innovation, and is committed to providing products that meet the most stringent international standards. The "Xichang" trademark has become inseparable from this commitment to quality and innovation.
The registration of the "Xichang" trademark is a key step in the company's growth process. It not only protects the company's intellectual property, but also establishes a strong brand image that resonates with customers around the world. The trademark has become a powerful marketing tool, helping companies stand out in a competitive market and build a loyal customer base.
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