Jiangnan Anchor Chain Develops New Product-Marine Balance Weight

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Jiangnan Anchor Chain Develops New Product-Marine Balance Weight


Product description Marine ballast balance block is a necessary marine spare part to be placed on the bottom of the cabin for ballast balance. The existing traditional balance weight is cast from pig iron, its production cost is high, the mold and the casting are not easily separated, the pouring is troublesome, and it is easy to cause pollution. The new balance weight developed and invented by our company is a shell welded by steel plates. The shell is filled with new environmentally friendly materials. The top of the shell is equipped with grooves and handles.

The beneficial results of the new balance weight

1. New environmentally friendly materials are used to replace iron castings, which saves costs while protecting mineral resources;

2. Using new environmentally friendly materials infused into the shell, it is easy to produce and reduce environmental pollution;

3. The shell is rectangular, and the stacking is stable, which is convenient for stacking without gaps.

Product specifications and features This product is divided into two types of structures: vertical and horizontal: Vertical structure: the height of the shell is greater than the length of the shell, and the width and length of the shell are the same; Horizontal structure: the length of the shell is greater than The width and height of the shell, the width of the shell is greater than the height of the shell; The marine balance weight includes a shell welded by steel plates, and the shell is filled with a new type of environmental protection core. The top of the shell is provided with a groove with a semicircular cross-section, the two sides of the groove are welded with the two ends of the handle, and the upper surface of the groove is flush with the top surface of the shell.

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