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Spek Anchor

The type of stockless anchor is mainly composed of the anchor claw, the anchor shank (anchor rod), the anchor shackle, and the small shaft and pin connecting the anchor claw and the anchor shank. There are many types of stockless anchors, and the most representative and used ones are Hall anchor. The hall anchor has good adaptability to all kinds of mud and sand bottom, and is convenient to collect, which is suitable for all kinds of surface ships.
Spek Anchor

Spek Anchor

spek type anchor

Spek anchor data:

anchoring a boat off the beach

anchor for 27 foot boat

mooring anchordelivery


Spek anchor is a modification of the Hall anchor, the biggest feature is that the anchor claw is associated with the center of gravity of the base downward, so that when the anchor is pulled in, the anchor claw is always natural upward, and the ship will naturally flip over, not easy to lose the hull, so it is the most widely used.

The Spek anchor is a modified version of the Hall anchor, with the center of the anchor head located from the center line of the pin to the bottom. The structural feature is that the anchor crown is equipped with anchor crown plate and reinforcing rib. Therefore, the claws of this kind of anchor are easy to turn to the ground, and the stability is better, and when the anchor is pulled in, the anchor claws naturally face up, and the hull plate is turned over to contact the hull plate, and the hull plate will not be damaged.

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