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Chaincables for Ship Black Painted


Product Details

Material: CM490, CM690

Technology: Flash Butt Welding

Use: Marine hardware fittings for ship, boat and vessel

Size: ø16mm – ø68mm

Surface: Black bituminous painting, HDG, No painting

Consist of: Common link, Enlarge link, End link

Accessories: Kenter shackle, Anchor shackle(End shackle, D shackle), Swivel

Payment: T/T; L/C at sight

Delivery: 7-35 days after order confirmed


Certificate: BV, DNV, KR, CCS, RS



Anchor chains, anchors and chain lockers of ships are often subject to friction and seawater erosion, and are prone to serious corrosion. Coatings can play the role of wear resistance, seawater resistance and rust prevention. The commonly used coating is bituminous paint, which is usually applied in 2 to 3 coats, with a dry film thickness of more than 60 μm.

Many shipyards use the rolling method to remove rust, tie the ship anchor chain into a speed shape about 3m long with iron wire, put it into the drum, put steel wire forging, emery, iron chips, etc. I n the drum, and use the motor to drive the drum to rotate. Anchor chains are hit by abrasives to remove rust. Remove the rust dust in the cylinder and on the ship anchor chain, and then paint. Generally, it can be hoisted into the paint dipping tank for dip coating construction, and after 3 to 5 minutes, it can be hoisted to dry. The shortest coating interval is 24 hours, generally 3 coats of dip coating.

Common link is the most links in ship anchor chain, and it is a standard link that characterizes the size and strength of boat chains. The size of the anchor chain is expressed in chain diameter (Chain Diameter, mm), and the chain diameter (d) is the diameter of the ordinary link in the corresponding anchor chain. The anchor chain size chart of common link is: diameter d, width 3.6d, length 6d. The enlarged link mainly plays the role of size transition in the anchor chain, and its size is 10% larger than that of the ordinary link in the corresponding anchor chain. The end link is an enlarged open link in the anchor chain, which is used to match the connection of other links and play a role in size transition. Its diameter is 1.2d.

Normally, anchor chain connection regards to common link, enlarge link, and end link. An anchor chain shot consist of common links, enlarge links, and end links. Common links connected in the middle, both ends connect enlarge link and end link.

What size anchor chain for my boat?

Refer to the boat anchor chain size chart.

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