The Different Types of Anchor Chain Shackles

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The Different Types of Anchor Chain Shackles

Anchor chain shackles are essential in marine applications because they ensure a secure connection between anchor chains and various components of a vessel's anchoring system. There are various types of important linkages, each built to satisfy certain requirements and conditions. In this post, we will look at the many types of anchor chain shackles, their characteristics, and their applicability for various nautical conditions.

Shackles for Anchor Chain

buoy chain

Screw Pin Shackles 

Screw pin shackles are a form of anchor chain shackle that is often employed. They have a threaded pin that is easily screwed and unscrewed for fast installation and removal. These shackles, which are available in a variety of sizes and materials such as galvanised steel or stainless steel, provide versatility and durability for a variety of nautical conditions. It is crucial to remember, however, that screw pin shackles may have a lower operating load limit than other varieties.

Shackles with Bolts

Bolt shackles have a bolt that runs through the shackle's ears, fastening it tightly. Because of the increased strength and durability, bolt type shackles are appropriate for heavy-duty applications. These shackles can handle large loads due to their sturdy design and are frequently employed in severe naval activities. However, when compared to other types of shackles, their installation and removal may necessitate the use of additional tools and time.

Anchor Chain Shackles made in China

Safety Pin Shackles 

Safety pin shackles, also known as cotter pin shackles, are made out of a removable pin that is held in place by a safety cotter pin. This arrangement ensures a secure and dependable connection while also allowing for simple disassembly when necessary. Safety pin shackles are typically utilised in circumstances where the shackle must be opened and closed frequently, allowing for efficient maintenance and inspection processes. However, it is critical to handle the cotter pin with care to avoid unintentional disengagement.

Shackles that Twist

Twist shackles, also known as captive pin shackles, are distinguished by a captive pin that cannot be completely withdrawn from the shackle body. This function avoids the possibility of misplacing or losing the pin during installation or removal. Twist shackles are particularly useful in offshore or subsea applications, where the captive pin adds security in harsh environments. It is, nevertheless, critical to ensure that the pin is firmly engaged and locked throughout use.

D-Style Shackles

D-type shackles, often known as chain shackles, are distinguished by their D-shaped body. Because of their high strength and load-bearing capacity, these shackles are often utilised in anchor chain connections. D-type shackles can sustain huge loads and are ideal for applications requiring high strength and endurance. Their asymmetric shape, on the other hand, may limit their flexibility in some instances.

Bow Shackles

Anchor shackles have a rounded "U" form with a bigger loop or bow at one end and a smaller loop at the other. Because of the increased angular mobility, bow shackles are suited for applications involving loads from many directions. The broader bow allows for various connections to be accommodated, increasing their versatility. However, because to their larger size, they may have a lower working load limit than other varieties.

Shackles with High Tensile Strength

High tensile shackles are made to endure tremendous loads and provide exceptional strength. These shackles are built of high tensile strength materials, such as alloy steel. They are often used in heavy-duty marine operations where strength and dependability are essential. High tensile shackles are suited for applications requiring high safety margins and outstanding load capacity.

Stud Link Shackles 

Stud link shackles, which have a configuration that assures a secure connection, are typically utilised in conjunction with stud link anchor chains. These shackles are precisely constructed to suit the chain links, offering a strong and dependable connecting point. Stud link shackles are common in large-scale maritime applications such as offshore drilling rigs and commercial vessels. However, they are only compatible with stud link chains.

Selecting the Best Anchor Chain Shackle

The right anchor chain shackle is critical for maintaining safe and effective operations at sea. Several aspects must be considered when selecting a shackle, including expected load needs, working conditions, and compatibility with other anchoring system components. When making a decision, it is critical to consider the working load limits, material strengths, and adherence to industry norms. Maritime professionals may ensure optimal performance and safety by matching the appropriate shackle type to individual requirements.


Anchor chain shackles are critical components in nautical applications because they connect anchor chains to various pieces of equipment. Understanding the various types of anchor chain shackles available, such as screw pin shackles, bolt type shackles, safety pin shackles, twist shackles, D-type shackles, bow shackles, high tensile shackles, and stud link shackles, enables professionals to make informed decisions based on the specific demands of their marine operations. Maritime professionals can select the most appropriate anchor chain shackle by considering the variables outlined in this article, ensuring reliable and secure anchoring systems for vessels in a variety of marine settings.


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