Long Link Chain for High-Quality Applications

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Long Link Chain for High-Quality Applications


Long link chain is welded steel chain that is made up of elongated oval links that are longer in proportion to ordinary chain links. HDG (hot-dip galvanised) long link chain has been galvanised to apply a protective zinc coating that improves corrosion resistance and durability. HDG long link chain combines great strength and flexibility, making it suitable for securing or lifting weights as well as transmitting pulling force in harsh conditions.

Production Methodology

HDG long link chain is made from steel wire rod that is formed into chain wire of the required diameter. The chain wire is shaped into elongated oval links and soldered together utilising technologies such as flash butt welding. This results in a long pitch chain with bigger gaps between links.

Galvanization is accomplished by immersing the constructed chain in a bath of molten zinc. Zinc reacts with the surface of the steel to generate corrosion-resistant zinc alloy layers. HDG chain can also be chromate treated to improve corrosion resistance. To protect the zinc coating, the finished HDG long link chain is cleaned, inspected, and packaged.

Material Characteristics

High carbon steels or low/medium alloy steels are commonly used to make HDG long link chain. The steel has a good balance of strength, toughness, and weldability. Key features derive from the elongated link form and regulated tolerances:

Flexibility in numerous planes and directions

Lightweight in relation to strength

Tolerate repeated bending without becoming fatigued

Corrosion resistance is provided via zinc galvanization.

Double link structure is available for heavier duty chain. Working load restrictions, link sizes, and attachments can all be customised to meet specific needs.

Long link chain HDG

Uses and Applications

The following industries make extensive use of HDG long link chain:

Construction - Used to raise and secure structural components and heavy loads with hooks, shackles, and fittings. Allows for setup and flexibility. Precast concrete handling is popular.

Mining - Used in mining operations to lift and move items. Strong enough to withstand large loads and harsh situations. Used in conjunction with specialised mining accessories.

Marine - Because of its strength and flexibility, long link chain is used in mooring and towing systems on docks and vessels. Corrosion resistance due to ocean exposure.

Sports - Found in nets, barriers, and other structures that prioritise flexibility and strength. Football goal posts, baseball backstops, and tennis court nets all use this material.

Chain pull cables are used in logging applications to carry chopped trees across vast distances. When moving through woody areas, flexibility is essential.

OEM Applications - Used in cranes, winches, and other machinery that requires robust, flexible chain systems.

The corrosion resistance, tough durability, and high working load capacity of HDG long link chain make it perfect for heavy lifting, hauling, and securing in harsh environments. Custom link sizes, strength grades, and attachments enable integration into a wide range of systems across industries. HDG long link chain provides decades of dependable performance with proper installation and maintenance.

Quality Control and Specifications

Manufacturers must adhere to tight quality control standards and requirements to guarantee HDG long link chain functions safely and reliably in demanding applications. This includes all elements of production, from raw material sourcing to final product testing and packaging.

Standards for long link chain dimensions, steel grades, markings, test techniques, and inspection criteria have been produced by industry groups. Compliance with appropriate national and international standards ensures that the chain fulfils critical quality and performance requirements.

At all stages, reputable HDG long link chain suppliers adopt rigorous quality systems with procedures, documentation, and responsibility. This begins with obtaining high-quality steel wire rod feedstock for controlled drawing into chain wire. Automation and monitoring assure repeatable precision during link forming and welding, which is critical for chain integrity.

To provide enough zinc coating and penetration into the steel, the galvanization bath chemistry and temperature must be maintained. Post-production testing methods like as tensile, impact, and shot peening offer data to validate the strength and ductility of the chain. Finally, careful final inspection and packaging ensures that the chain quality is maintained.

End users can be confident that the chain will meet the most demanding application requirements for load capacity, service life, and safety margins by partnering with an HDG long link chain supplier who can provide documentation of quality systems, traceability, proof testing, and conformance to applicable standards. This gives assurance that the chain's performance will meet design requirements.

Considerations for Purchasing

Buyers considering HDG long link chain should use caution to ensure that the product meets the technical requirements and quality standards for the intended application. Buyers should look into the following factors:

Manufacturing capacity to manufacture the specified link diameters, steel grades, and load capacities. Customization may be required.

Compliance with industry specifications and quality control procedures to ensure strength, zinc coating integrity, and dependable performance.

Modern facilities and equipment are required to deliver the required precision, consistency, and durability.

Expert advice on appropriate specs and design optimisation for the anticipated usage conditions.

Vertical integration of the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to final quality control.

When conventional sizes can meet needs, inventory availability allows for faster delivery.

Focus on ongoing upgrading to include the most recent technological advancements.

Successful supply chain experience for similar high-demand applications.

Packaging and paperwork to ensure quality during transit and storage.

Buyers may make informed sourcing selections and have confidence in selecting HDG long link chain that will fulfil their most severe standards by extensively analysing providers against criteria critical for application success. Using HDG long link chain from a reputable source ensures a strong solution that will not let users down on the job with large loads and tough situations.


HDG long link chain offers the best combination of flexibility, corrosion resistance, and strength. It fulfils heavy-duty needs in construction, mining, marine, sports infrastructure, and other industries, with capacities frequently surpassing 100 tonnes. Continuous advancements in steel grades, coatings, and manufacturing expand options, while research uncovers new potential applications. HDG long link chain has shown to be a versatile and dependable lifting, fastening, and pulling solution that can resist the rigours of demanding real-world applications.

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